TRACER T-Band Libra S4 Smartband with Bluetooth, Pulsometer and Blood Pressure Monitor

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TRACER T-Band Libra S4
The latest model of a sports band is a continuation of the smart wearables line by TRACER, which focuses on providing users with maximum functionality without compromising the portfolio and maintaining an elegant design.
Put it on once, feel its usefulness on your wrist, and you'll never want to part with it again. Smart band of the latest generation will be a great companion of everyday life, both for fans of technology and physical activity.
TRACER T-Band Libra S4 is a small device with maximum capabilities. A very big advantage is the beautiful 0.96 inch color display in IPS technology known for new smartphones. The screen resolution is 160 x 80 dpi. T-Band support is simple and transparent using one central button in the middle of the panel. The fun is provided by fun animations in pleasant colors. It is also waterproof, class IP67.
For your convenience, the T-Band is equipped with a 105 mAh battery and a huge system battery capacity, which allows for continuous work on one charge up to 14 days! Charging is easy, because just pull out the panel with the screen from a soft and flexible bar to find a USB port that matches the standard chargers or port on your computer. You do not have to worry about losing a dedicated charging base, which is often not ensured by competitive solutions.
T-Band Libra S4 is based on solutions that will satisfy beginner and advanced athletes. The NRF52832 chipset is known on the market due to the high precision of measurements and energy efficiency. Your smart band will help you measure and preserve the measurement results such as a pedometer, calorie counter, distance meter, sleep monitor, heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor. These types of functionalities not only support the evaluation of the training, but also the overall performance of the whole organism. All people who care about health and fitness will be satisfied with the product. An additional option is to use the stopwatch with a short click, which will be appreciated by every athlete exercising in the series.
The software allows you to match the accuracy of measurements to the currently performed activity. You can choose the following disciplines: running, walking, climbing, cycling, tennis, badminton, basketball, football. On the basis of the effort put into a given discipline, the algorithm will calculate the actually burnt number of calories, which allows you to accurately arrange the training plan and adjust the diet to it. The T-band will also get you to take medicine, drink regular water, or advise you to get up from your company's desk from time to time.
T-Band Libra S4 is also a miniature phone on your wrist. It will show you messages and notifications from a paired phone, so you can always be up to date, even during physical exertion, or when you simply do not feel like looking for a phone in the back of your backpack. With its help you can also find a phone - it will send an alarm signal so that you can locate it with your hearing. You can also synchronize it with the dates of the meetings or the time of the alarm clock so that you always remind about them. Smart band is therefore a response to the needs of both athletes and gadgeteers.

- Bluetooth: 4.0
- RAM memory (MB): 32
- Internal memory (MB): 32
- Capacity (mAh): 280
- Ports: Micro USB
- Heart rate monitor: Yes
- Blood pressure monitor: Yes

- Sports band TRACER T-Band Libra S4
- Original packaging
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- Bluetooth - Bluetooth data transmission
- Pulsometer - Monitoring of heart rhythm
- Pressure Monitor - Blood pressure measurement
- NRF52832 chipset
- The T-Band is equipped with a 105 mAh battery
- The screen resolution: 160 x 80 DPI