CB Sunker Elite CB 124 mounting antenna 58cm CB124

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Excellent mounting antenna characterized by very good technical parameters - very large range, a small amount of interference collected by the antenna, a strong base with 0-90o regulation and high quality materials used to make this antenna.

- Frequency: 27-28.5 MHz
- SWR: <1.2: 1
- Impedance: 50ohm
- Power max. continuous: 40 W
- Power max. momentary: 300 W
- Antenna: 58cm, stainless steel
- Mounting hole: 12.5mm
- Cable: RG-58, 4m
- Polarization: vertical
- Regulation: 0-90o
- Plug: PL-259

- CB Sunker Elite CB 124 antenna
- A proof of purchase

- Very high quality
- Made of high quality stainless steel
- Very strong about 300W (instantaneous)
- Strengthening at the level of expensive antennas!
- Long and very durable cable
- Completed with PL-259 plug - standard
- Spring to prevent accidental bending of the antenna
- Full regulation 0-90o