ZAP-IT device for insect bites - mosquitos, flies and after contact with jellyfish or nettle

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ZAP-IT! - is a modern device that instantly relieves itching after insect bites - mosquitoes, flies and after contact with, for example, jellyfish or nettle. Don't scratch! Use ZAP-IT!
Opinion of one of the clients: "I have been using ZAP-IT! For several years. I love this tiny device. I ride a bike a lot and still insects bite me! Then it itches and is uncomfortable. And here ZAP-IT! helps!"
How does it work? Instantly eliminates itching and the desire to scratch. Easy to use, it is suitable for use on most insect bites. By clicking ZAP-IT! several times around the irritated place we close the blood vessels, thanks to which we obtain the effect of inhibiting the secretion of histamine, which causes a feeling of itching. Toxins are neutralized without any negative effect on the skin, and this stops the development of an inflammation and itching.
Does it hurt? No, after applying you feel only a slight sting, like after a puncture with a pin.
Medical product
ZAP-IT has been tested by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Registered by the European Union certification body CE 0473. Approved for use in EU countries. Reported to the Office for Registration of Medical Products.
Restrictions and Warnings:
ZAP-IT reduces the itching sensation, but does not remove toxins and infections resulting from bites.
ZAP-IT can ignite flammable material! Do not use immediately after applying insect repellents!
ZAP-IT is not suitable for people with pacemakers.
Do not use ZAP-IT on children under the age of 2!
Avoid using ZAP-IT around the eyes and other particularly sensitive areas!

- Model: ZAP-IT
- Color: white, black, green, red, yellow, blue (color sent at random)
- Weight: 7g
- Power supply: no battery required
- Performance up to 1000 bites
- Maximum discharge 13kV, 0.7mA
- Discharge time - 1 microsecond
- Tested by London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

- ZAP-IT insect bite device (random color)
- Original packaging

- ZAP-IT! is safe, tiny, easy to use, chemical-free and non-allergic.
- ZAP-IT! works through thin fabrics (shirt, pants etc.)
- ZAP-IT! - helps up to 1000 bites! Thanks to the piezoelectric crystal system, the device will generate several thousand clicks.
- ZAP-IT does not require batteries, there is no expiry date, the expiry date depends only on the frequency of use.
- Using ZAP-IT is a very effective method to reduce itching and prevent scratching. In tests, over 90% of respondents confirmed a quick cessation of itching.
- ZAP-IT is free of all chemicals, completely non-allergic, small and lightweight, ensures discretion of use!
- It is tested by London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.