Maclean MCTV-785 Satellite Converter LNB Single Unicable II Function Full HDTV Weather Resistant

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The Unicable II LNB satellite converter allows you to connect up to 16 satellite receivers with one cable!
The new, even better version of the converter characterized by the use of the best components and the use of second-generation single-cable technology guarantees high quality of received signal on each of the 16 receivers!

The receivers work fully independently. The condition is that they have the UNICABLE function, which consists in using 16 frequencies for signal transmission. The use of the second generation of this technology has allowed to further reduce the amount of cables needed to create a large satellite installation.

- Full HDTV support
- Input frequencies: 10.7GHz - 12.75GHz
- Low energy consumption
- Unicable output frequency: 950Mhz - 2150Mhz
- Technologies used: Unicable II / dCSS
- Maximum number of receivers: 16
- Retractable plug cover F
- Noise ratio: 0.1dB
- Gain: 65dB

Unicable II frequency range: 1210, 1420, 1680, 2040, 985, 1050, 1115, 1275, 1340, 1485, 1550, 1615, 1745, 1810, 1875, 1940 Mhz
Channel 1-8: Protocol EN50494 + EN50607
Channel 9-16: EN50607 protocol

- Up to 16 receivers can be connected
- Unicable II technology
- Full HDTV support
- Weather resistance
- High gain (65dB) and low noise (0.1dB)
- Retractable plug cover F

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