Maclean MC-875 Under Desk Steel Drawer with Shelf Up to Max. 5kg Base Under Table Holder Hanging Drawer with Organiser

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The drawer can be easily mounted under the desk or table. The product is very stable and safe.
The perfect solution for better organization and to create more space in your workplace.
There is enough space in the drawer for documents or other items. The maximum load of this drawer is 5 kg.
Additional space above the drawer An additional area above the drawer with the dimensions of approx. 450x310 mm offers sufficient space for eg. a laptop.
Drawer with guides The drawer slides on long-lasting guides that protect the drawer from falling and can keep it open.
Drawer protection Additional drawer protection ensures prevention of the drawer closing loudly or getting damaged.

Technical specifications:
- Installation type: under-table installation
- Max. Load: 5kg
- Stable construction
- Additional space above the drawer
- With drawer protection
- Material: metal construction
- Height: 187 mm
- width 450 mm (513 mm with fastening)
- Depth: 311 mm (max. 481 mm - open drawer)
- Incl. Mounting kit and assembly instructions

▶ Solid pull-out drawer for substructure under the desk or table
▶ Max. Load capacity of up to 5kg ▶ Additional space / shelf above the drawer
▶ The perfect solution for more space under the desk and better organization
▶ Ideal for use in the office and at home - for storing documents and objects
▶ Drawer protection prevents loud closing / damage ▶ Easy assembly thanks to assembly instructions and including a mounting kit