Gravity handle with built-in Qi BASEUS charger

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A technologically advanced car holder with the function of inductive charging and automatic, electric jaw clamp on the telephone installed in the holder. It is dedicated to the vast majority of automotive ventilation grilles, and the three-point, triangular support of the handle makes it very stable even when overcoming large uneven terrain by car. The product is convenient and intuitive to use - the built-in infrared sensor detects the installed phone and maintenance-free and clamps the jaws securely on the phone. To improve the stability of the device in the handle, the paw and jaws of the product are finished with rubber material, which also counteracts scratches on the phone.
The charger has a high charging speed, and the coil of the implemented charger has been routed over the full surface of the paw, which allows charging the phone regardless of its position. In addition, the charger has a number of safeguards to maximize charging safety such as overcharge, overheating or short circuit protection.
Installation of the handle is fully intuitive. The product is functional and ergonomic and gives the opportunity to conveniently adjust the position of the phone to the preferences of the driver and his viewing angle.

-100% Original
- Has a built-in induction charger
- Input voltage: 5V = 2A / 9V = 1.67A (Max)
- Output voltage: 10W (Max)
-Compatible with telephones with a screen diameter of 4 to 6.5 inches
- Dedicated to most car grilles
- Has automatically clamped jaws
- Fully functional
- Stable due to three-point mounting support
- Easy to assemble and disassemble
- Packed in original packaging

-Gravity grip with built-in Qi BASEUS charger
- Manufacturer's packaging
-The proof of purchase

- Infrared sensor
-Large adjustment options
-Large charging coil
-10 security levels
- Anti-shock mount design
-Easy to use