Car smartphone holder type: L-ŻEL eXtremeStyle

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Car holder brand eXtreme type L with a gel pad for mobile phones with a display size of 3.5 "to 6". Smooth adjustment of the arm's shoulder spacing makes it extremely versatile and compatible with most phones available on the market. The rubber finish of the arms protects the housing against scratches and holds the device firmly, while the large solid silicone sucker with gel disc firmly holds the holder on the glass or dashboard. An undoubted advantage of this grip model is the shoulder system, which in most phone models does not cover the camera lens, so the phone can be used as a video recorder. This arm layout also provides unrestricted access to most buttons. The phone is held by two sliding arms covered with silicone. The same material is covered with the wall of the handle. The ball bearing allows you to set the phone in any position. A solid suction cup holds the glass holder firmly.

-Size: 3.5 "to 6"
- Dedicated, among others for: Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, LG G2, G3, Sony Xperia Z, Z2, Z3
- Arm length: 15cm.
- Shoulder displacement: 12 - 18 cm (vertical).

-Original packaging

The perfect smartphone holder in your car !!

-Flow adjustment of the arms
- Compatible with most smartphones
- Powerful phone maintenance
- Stable mounting on the glass