Waterproof case with Smart-6 motorcycle holder

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The SMART-6 bicycle holder for mobile phones is a proposition from a series of waterproof handles.
The SMART-6 model was created for the users of the largest smartphones as well as navigation with a screen size up to 6 ". The use of such a large case makes the holder compatible with the majority of devices available on the market.
Both the case and the motorcycle holder are made of high quality materials and perfectly protect the device against water, dirt, dust and damage. Attaching the holder together with the case is easy and requires no tools.
The set includes additional inserts to adjust the holder depending on the thickness of the device. The sturdy attachment to the steering wheel holds the handle firmly even when driving on uneven roads.

- Dimensions of the inner case: 90 x 167 x 20 mm
- Rectangular: 178 mm
-The total length of the handle: 90 mm

- Waterproof case with Smart-6 motorcycle holder
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- The latest model of a bike holder for mobile phones has been designed for people who want to use mobile devices while driving.
-The handle is perfect for driving on quads, scooters, bicycles and even snowmobiles.
-The original handle has a 360 ° rotatable head that allows you to set the item as desired.