Promedix PR-800

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Promedix PR-800 is a top efficiency piston nebuliser, which amplifies effects of medications used for treatment of respiratory diseases.
Effective device for both children and adults - supplied with inhalation masks of different sizes. 
Thanks to Promedix PR-800 medications applied by inhalation reach deep parts of patient's lungs and enhance the treatment - a method that has been clinically tested, and confirmed as much more efficient than regular application of medicaments. 
The special design of the nebuliser and the strong pump compressor increases the efficiency, allowing faster and more effective way of aerosol inhalation.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Both the nebuliser and supplied accessories, like masks and hoses MUST NOT be sterilised via boiling, as it will cause permanent deformation and/or malfunction of the product. 
PLEASE BE AWARE: The nebuliser do not produce the vapour itself. You need to pour into clear water, saline solution of medicine prescribed by a doctor. 
Our company supplies each PR-800 with a bottle of iodine-bromine brine mist, which is perfect for use with this nebuliser. The product is absolutely free of charge! Detailed information about this unique product can be seen on the manufacturer's official site: >click< 

The device is especially recommended for:
Respiratory diseases, and infections
Asthma, allergies, chronic bronchitis, sino-bronchial syndrome
Inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tract
Emphysema and pneumoconiosis
Salt inhalation

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