Car radio Bluetooth Panel Multi color MP3 / WMA / USB / RDS / SD ISO Audiocore AC9710 B

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The model AC9710 is an RDS radio player and digital media MP3 / WMA / SD / USB. Car media player that lets you listen to music in MP3 and WMA format directly from memory cards, USB memories or an MP3 player. With this radio you can enjoy digital sound. The RDS clock system presents the information thanks to a fairly large and visible display. The RDS system displays the name of the program service (PS), alternative frequencies (AF), traffic program identification (TS), traffic information identification (TA), information on other networks ( EON).

With Audiocore Android Radio you can make calls without the phone being held in your hand, thanks to the built-in microphone and Bluetooth connectivity.
Now you can listen to music without cumbersome, abrasive and bulky CDs. Robust design, beautiful design, easy to use, and the low price makes it the perfect radio for anyone who is passionate about good audio. With Bluetooth function, you can play music from your mobile phone!
Technology APT-X offers high quality stereo Bluetooth, ensures sound quality wired for wireless connection. This car radio also has a 7-color backlight!

Output power: 4x25W / 14.4V
Display Type: LCD
Channel memory: 6
Operating voltage 12V
Dimensions: 180mm (W) x52mm (H) x115mm (L)
Impedance: 4-8 ohms
FM / RDS frequency range: 87.5 MHz - 108 MHz b>
FM / RDS sensitivity: FM & gt; 26dB
Frequency: 100Hz - 10kHz (+ 10dB)
Signal-to-noise ratio: -> 55dB
RDS function
USB slot
SD / MMC memory card slot
3.5 mm jack AUX input
Remote control included

- MP3 Radio / WMA / USB / RDS / SD Audiocore AC9710B
- Proof of purchase
- Manufacturer's packaging

Radio tuner:
- FM / RDS Frequency range: 87.5MHz-108MHz
- FM / RDS Sensitivity: FM <25dB
- FM / RDS Signal to Noise Ratio (S / N):> 45dB
- Frequency response: 100Hz-10kHz (+ 10dB)
- MP3 bitrate: 8-320kbps
- Channel balance: <3dB
- Separation of the channels: <22dB
- MP3 Signal to Noise Ratio (S / N):> 55dB
- Rated voltage: 12V DC
- Output power: 4x25W / 14.4V
- Impedance: 4-8Ohm
- Dimensions: 180mm (L) x52mm (H) x115mm (L)

The Audio Core AC9710 B
Detachable panel
Integrated Bluetooth
SD card
Elegant design
7 - color backlight