Set of segregation baskets Prosperplast Sortibox 4x35L anthracite

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Is a world without waste possible?
In line with the idea of the circular economy and the waste act, conscious segregation and organization of selective waste collection has become our duty.
Recycling is neither complicated nor requires effort.
The collected paper, glass, plastic or metal, carefully separated from municipal waste with the use of modern solutions and accessories, become valuable raw materials.
A conscious, pro-ecological and economic attitude has only advantages: it affects the limitation of the number of landfills and the rational use of natural resources, reducing air and water pollution, saving energy, and reducing expenses. It is also a convenient and hygienic use of a storage area that is so valuable at home.

Today, traditional buckets placed in the sink cabinet are being forgotten in favor of a rainfall segregation system that provides quick access, hassle-free emptying and easy cleaning. Our Sortibox mini-container not only meets these requirements, but also enables ongoing sorting. Well-designed, aesthetically made and roomy (35L), with a structure designed especially for limited space, facilitating the arrangement of segments into stable rows or posts.
Colored stickers indicate the fractions of sorted waste. When planning our segregation center, remember to collect waste that has the same properties and character.

- Manufacturer: Prosperplast
- Manufacturer's symbol: IKWB35S4-S433
- External dimensions: 392 x 293 x 495 mm (single basket)
- To be stacked on top of each other
- Embossing for greater rigidity
- Color: anthracite

- Sortibox 4x35L anthracite segregation basket set
- Original packaging

- A set of four plastic bins for waste segregation
- The capacity of one basket is 35 liters
- Each box contains a set of colored stickers with markings for easy sorting of waste
- Sortibox form and subdued colors are in line with the current design trends, combining the need with functionality and minimalism
- Color: anthracite