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Alkaline batteries for professional use !! DURACELL INDUSTRIAL this energy for the most demanding devices !!! Duracell Batteries Industrial are the industry standard reinforced alkaline batteries, Duracell. These high-quality alkaline batteries are addressed to undertakings and for the greatest loads. They are characterized by high performance throughout the life even in difficult conditions !!

Description: alkaline battery package: 10 pcs.
Model: MN 2400 LR03 / AAA
Size: AAA Voltage [V]: 1.5
Diameter [mm]: 10.5
Height [mm]: 44.5
Expiry date: 2022
Other markings: LR03 / AAA / R03 / MN 2400 / Micro / AM4 / E92

Voltage [V]: 1.5 package: 10 pcs.
Model: MN 1500 LR6 / AA
Size: AA Voltage [V]: 1.5
Diameter [mm]: 14.5
Height [mm]: 50.5
Expiry date: 2021
Other markings: LR6 / AA / R6 / MN 1500 / Mignon / AM3 / E91

Alkaline batteries for professional use
Industry standard reinforced alkaline batteries
High performance even in difficult conditions 
Avaiable variants: LR6/AA, LR03/AAA

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