Cabletech URZ0407

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If you really care about your own and your family safety this device is perfect for you. It contains 2 devices in one! This detector will warn you if there will be too much gas or carbon monoxide in your home. It will help you prevent the dangerous situation of carbon monoxide poisoning and give you enough time to exit to the safer place. White colour ensures that this device will look aesthetically and it will fit perfectly to the atmosphere and the style of the room where it will be placed.

- White color
- Operating temperature: -10C ~ 50C
- Humidity <95%
- Audible alarm: 80 dB
- Alarm: red LED, audible alarm
- Sensor warm up: approx. 45 s.
- Gas alarm level: LNG: 7500 ppm (15% LEL); LPG: 2000 ppm (10% LEL)
- Carbon monoxide alarm level: 50 ppm - 150 ppm (alarm every 15 minutes); > 150 ppm (alarm every 2 -minutes)
- Power consumption: <1.5 W (armed mode); <5 W (alarm)
- Power: AC 230 V
- Dimensions: 120 x 72 x 42 mm

- increases the safety in your home
- helps you to prevent the situation of the carbon monoxide poisoning
- minimalistic design
- audible alarm

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