Portable Air-Conditioning Unit Cooling Humidifier Air Cleaner KR-7010
Portable Air-Conditioning Unit Cooling Humidifier Air Cleaner KR-7010 Ravanson 60W Silent

Portable Air-Conditioning Unit Cooling Humidifier Air Cleaner KR-7010 Ravanson 60W Silent


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Improve the quality of the air in your room!
The air conditioner is a portable device that makes it easy to keep a comfortable air temperature and allows you to control the humidity of the air. The product's attractive design and installation independence (no mounting costs) are another advantages of this amazing device.
The air conditioner has four wheels, so you can move it effortlessly to any room. Besides the cooling function, it also cleans the air, reducing the amount of dust.
The device is easy to use and intuitive, which makes it a perfect solution for elderly and children who spend a lot of time at home. Thanks to this device you will no longer need to worry about being hot while working in an office as the device allows you to adjust your work space's air qualities to your preferences.

The Ravanson air-conditioning unit supports 3 features that can successfully replace several devices:
- Cooling
- Air cleaning
- Humidification of the air
- Ventilation
- Ionization
All these functions in one device!

- Power: 60W
- Energy class: A
- Power supply: 220-240V; 50 Hz
- Maximum fan flow: 3.67 m3 / min
- Air flow: 410 m3 / h
- Sound power level: 45 dB (A)
- Water tank capacity: 8 liters
- Product dimensions: 702/290/340 mm
- Packaging dimensions: 745/330/385 mm
- Weight: 6.3 / 8.3 kg
- Color: black and white

- Portable Air Conditioner KR-7010 Ravanson
- 2 cooling cartridges
- Remote control
- Original packaging
- 2 year warranty
- Proof of purchase

- Type: air conditioning
- Device type: portable
- Mechanical control
- Device LEDs: LEDs
- Working speed: 3, High / Medium / Low
- Remote control
- Time programmer pd 0.5h to 4h
- Auto-off horizontal oscillating
- Water pump cooling
- The use of cooling cartridges
- Ice Crystal Cooling: the ability to use ice
- Humidifier function: cool wind
- Air ionization function
- An antibacterial water tank
- Highly efficient: honeycomb filter
- Turntables and handles
- Protection against overheating
- Included: 2 cooling cartridges