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Eneloop combines all the benefits of an alkaline battery and a conventional Ni-MH batteries. Eneloop is economical and universally applicable. 
Eneloop be preloaded with solar energy and are ready for use immediately after purchase. Because of the low self discharge eneloop has even after five years of storage for up to 70 % capacity.From the digital camera on the MP3 player through to the cordless phone or the remote control - eneloop is the ideal power source for almost all devices in the home . Expensive special batteries belongs to the past , because eneloop has enough energy for nearly all applications and trumped this competition.
Eneloop can be up to 2,100 times to be recharged and is recyclable. Therefore eneloop permanently not only economic, but also saves problematic waste of up to 2,100 alkaline batteries .

Capacity ( AA ) : min . 1,900 mAh to 2000 mAh
Charging cycles : up to 2,100 times
Low self-discharge for frequent use
Recommended applications : digital cameras , care and health , toys , flashlights, daily needs

An alkaline battery
Economical and universally applicable. 
Preloaded with solar energy 
Ready for use immediately after purchase.
Up to 2,100 times to be recharged and is recyclable.

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