AGM 6V 7Ah Gelless Battery Unattended Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 153 mm x 35 mm x 93 mm (with 100 mm clamps)

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Maintenance-free, tight, rechargeable batteries. AGM batteries are manufactured on a modern production line. They have an electrolyte in the form of a gel that makes these batteries maintenance-free. The batteries are adapted for balancing and cyclical work.
Gel batteries, if not connected in parallel to a DC power source, must be charged with special gel battery chargers. These chargers offer the correct battery charge. Using battery chargers or other chargers to charge the batteries usually causes damage to the battery. Especially in the case of cyclical operation, the battery should be recharged after each use, the battery should not be discharged below the threshold voltage limit and should not be installed in the condition.
Emergency operation - the battery is always connected to the charging system and in the event of a power outage an emergency power supply is present. Cyclic operation - the battery is the primary source of power to the device and after charging it is connected to the receivers, after charging - charging.

Gel batteries can survive from 1 to 8 months without losing more than 20% of their capacity without recharging them. They also resist low temperatures (negative).

- Operating voltage: 6V
- Capacity: 7 Ah
- Dimensions (length x width x height): 153 mm x 35 mm x 93 mm (with 100 mm clamps)
- Weight: 1.00 kg
- Recommended maximum charging current: 2.1 A
- Internal resistance: 12mΩ
- Allowable charging voltage: 6.75 - 6.90 V DC / 25 ° C (buffer operation) 7.20 - 7.50 V DC / 25 ° C (cyclic operation)
- Connector: T2-4.75mm

- CSSB 6V 7Ah gel battery
- Operating Instructions
- Proof of purchase

- They do not need to work in an upright position (they can lie on either side)
- They are maintenance-free - They do not require electrolyte replenishment
- They are tight - there is no leakage of electrolyte and corrosion
- They are more resistant to temperatures and mechanical damage
- AGM batteries are most commonly used for mobile electronics, power systems (UPS, alarms, sensors, emergency lighting, etc.) and mobile devices.