Gel battery use various LX1245 LAMEX 12V 4,5Ah

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CSB GP1245 12V 4,5 Ah service life 4-6 years. battery series CSB GP used in UPS power systems, smoke SSWiN systems, fire panels, burglary reporting, cash registers CSB GP1245 Battery 12V 4.5Ah - specialist, maintenance-free, sealed VRLA. AGM technology. Designed for specialized equipment. Other applications - Cyclic operation: portable VTR / TV, recorders, radio, power tools, mowers, vacuum cleaners. Cameras and photographic equipment, personal laptops, word processors, portable terminals.
Portable meters, portable telephone sets. Various electric toys and recreational equipment. Lighting equipment Use in emergency mode: communication systems for electronic devices. Emergency lighting Fire alarms and security systems. Telemetry devices. Office computers, processors, office equipment and automation devices. Robots, control and automation equipment in factories. UPS, telecommunications.

Gel rechargeable batteries can be used:
- Portable measuring instruments, Portable telephone sets
- Various electric toys and leisure equipment.
- Lighting equipment.
- Emergency mode: communication systems, electronic devices.
- Emergency lighting. Fire alarms and security systems
- Telemetry devices
- Desktop computers, processors, office equipment and automation
- Robots, control equipment and automation in factories. UPS, telecommunications
- Solar cells.

- Voltage: 12 V
- Capacity: 4.5 Ah
- Max. Drain. 5 sec .: 60/90 A
- Length: 93 mm
- Width: 69 mm
- Height: 102 mm
- Height with terminal: 106 mm
- Weight: 1.64 kg
- Connector type: 4.7 mm Faston
- Application: general, SSWIN PPOZ, UPS

Correct use
The battery requires constant cleaning. When washing or cleaning, do not allow any substance or liquid to get inside the battery.

- Battery CS12 GP1245 12V 4.5Ah - specialist
- maintenance free, VRLA, sealed - small size
- Cyclic operation resists more than 260 unloading and loading cycles or 4-6 years in buffer mode
"Standby" mode - Life 4-6 years
- Used in UPS, SSWIN power systems, smoke extraction systems, fire alarm control panels, burglar alarms, cash registers