digital DVB-T, mobile Cabletech ANT0519 - room, with a 28dB amplifier, with the additional possibility of powering a laptop

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Portable antenna - room, with a 28dB amplifier, with the additional possibility of powering from a laptop (USB port). Record small dimensions with high profit. Perfect for radio, DVB-T TV. A new generation of digital antenna - Cabletech ANT0519 - dedicated for mobile applications. Mobile, 2-in-1 antenna - radio, DVB-T digital television. Prepared to receive the FullHD stream. Unique, modern design - the antenna has limited, directional angular visibility - these antennas are considered the most effective for digital TV DVB-T.

- Input voltage of the power supply: AC 230-240 V
- Operating voltage: DC 5-6 V / 100 mA
- Connector: IEC
- Band: BIII, BIV, BV
- VHF frequency: 174 - 230 MHz
- UHF frequency: 470 - 862 MHz
- Polarization: horizontal and vertical
- Radiation characteristics: directional
- Output: 100 dBμV
- Gain: 28 dB with regulation
- Impedance: 75 Ohms
- Dimensions: 170 x 60 x 20mm (without stand)

- Cabletech ANT0519 room antenna,
- AC power adapter with 1.5m cable,
- Mini USB 1.2m cable,
- Antenna cable 1.5 m,
- Antenna stand.
- Warranty - 24 months.
- Goods packed in the original packaging

Set contains:
- Cabletech ANT0519 room antenna,
- Mains adapter with 1.5 m cable,
- 1.2m mini USB cable,
- 1.5 m antenna cable,
- Antenna support.

- The attached long - 3 m antenna cable terminated with the IEC aerial connector allows optimal antenna alignment
- Ultra-low noise amplifier in SMD technology - noise level <2dB, with gain adjustment up to 28dB
- Unprecedented, small dimensions
- Adjustable vertically and horizontally for the best reception (separate stand included)
- Modern, panel construction with high profit
- Perfect reception of local Full HD 1080 television, DVB-T digital terrestrial television and DAB digital radio
- Perfect reception of all terrestrial TV signals, radio programs and analog UHF and VHF signals, also works well as an FM radio antenna