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Antenna DVB-T Opticum AX1000+ LTE Combo VHF+UHF

We offer you a professional directional antenna AX1000 + LTE COMBO equipped with an LTE filter that eliminates interference from cellular networks providing high speed internet services in the 800 MHz band. The antenna is equipped with an additional dipole that allows you to receive VHF channels thanks to which it is possible to receive the band 174-230MHz, which will allow you to receive MUX 8 on which new programs and digital DAB + radio should be broadcast.

Product specification:
- Receiving channels: VHF 5-12, UHF 21-69
- Band: VHF 174 - 230 MHz, UHF 470 - 790 MHz
- Energy gain: VHF: 8 dB, UHF: 18 dB
- Horizontal angular visibility: 35 °
- Vertical angular visibility: 32 °
- Output impedance: 75 Ω
- Effective range: up to 120 km
- Length: 98 cm

Set contains:
- Built-in LTE filter
- An additional dipole for receiving VHF channels
- Light and durable construction
- Installation without tools

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