Antenna amplifier MC-9102, ceramic, shielded DVB-T

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ANTENNA AMPLIFIER MC-9102 / ceramic 45 dB DVB-T
+ FREE F connector (45dB gain with antenna)
The modern MC-9102 / CERAMIC antenna amplifier is used to amplify weak analog TV and digital TV signals in the DVB-T MPEG-4 standard. The MC-9102 / CERAMIC amplifier is designed to be mounted directly on the aerial terminals in the antenna box. This solution provides amplification of weak signals already at the antenna input, which is especially important at low signal-to-noise ratio. Shielding the amplifier in a cast from a cold generator significantly reduces the sensitivity to interference.

The MC-9102 / CERAMIC antenna amplifier was made entirely in hybrid technology, i.e. the entire amplifier's electronic system is located on a ceramic substrate. This is an absolute novelty in this industry, on a European scale. The hybrid, thick-layer technique is based on screen printing, on ceramic substrates conductive tracks, resistors, capacitors as well as masking, protecting and insulating layers.

- Producer: Anprel Electronics
- Model: MC-9102
- Catalog number: W2002
- Energy gains (reinforcement): 18-28dB
- Noise level: 1.6dB
- Input impedance: 300 Ohm
- Output impedance: 75 Ohms
- Receiving channels: 1-69
- Application 60-120km

- Antenna amplifier
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As you can see, thanks to this design, the antenna amplifier on the ceramic substrate provides better performance parameters. Thanks to ceramics, all existing parameters have been improved. Electronic components have very good cooling conditions, which results in lower failure frequency of the amplifier. Ceramic substrate and modern design solution MC-9102 / CERAMIC increase reliability, repeatability of parameters and stability of the latest antenna amplifier on the market.

- High resistance to mechanical and climatic damages.
- Excellent performance at very high frequencies (up to 30 GHz).
- Very good heat dissipation due to the thermal properties of the ceramic substrate.
- Excellent resistance to electrostatic exposure.
- Ceramic breakdown voltage is greater than 50000V.