Maclean MCE39

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MCE39 U-Lock + Light Set 
Maclean MCE39 is a high security bicycle U-Lock, an excellent choice to protect your bike in moderate and high crime/theft areas. 
The MCE39 is manufactured using highest quality reinforced steel, characterised by improved cutting resistance. The U-Lock is supplied with a pair of keys - each key has a unique ID number. 
Highly versatile, when the set is not guarding your bike, you can mount it as a front + rear lights. 
Built in lights are bright, and have only the essential work modes, which does not require users to cycle through 10-15 flashing modes in order to turn them off. 
No moving parts beside the locking mechanism - the MCE39 is a strong, firm U-Lock which won't rattle when attached to the bike as a light. Quick and easy - intuitive bike protection lock, and lightning fast mounting as a flashlight. 

Why Maclean U-Lock? 
•No moving parts outside of the locking mechanism 
•Massive steel pipes of reinforced steel defy brute force, and are highly cut resistant 
•It takes a lot more time to brake a U-Lock, thieves often don't even attempt to steal bikes protected with this type of lock. 
•Built-in high visibility front+rear light set. 
Set contains: 
•U-lock (with built-in taillight) 
•Frame holder for the bike lock 
•Front light 
•Bracket for Front Light 
•2 keys 
•5 AAA batteries 
•Two-year warranty

U-Lock made of reinforced steel with a very high cut resistance
Rubber coating on the lock - protects your bike from scratching
2 keys with their own unique ID numbers
Built-in bicycle lights: taillight with 3 LEDs and 3 light modes (2 AAA batteries, included) , Ultrabright front light (3 AAA batteries, included)
Provides sufficient security for medium to high crime areas

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