M213 Macom
M213 Macom
M213 Macom
M213 Macom
M213 Macom

M213 Macom


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The mirror of the Italian brand MACOM magnifying 7 times, and the other a 1: 1 reflection, rotates 360 degrees vertically.
Up to 40% more light and brightness, the face perfectly illuminated. With this mirror you will do the perfect makeup.

The very useful solution is also a doubled stand, in which you can put tweezers of lipstick, jewelry or eyebrows.

- Brand: Macom
- Diameter of the mirror itself is 13 cm
- Diameter of the entire mirror is - 17.5 cm
- Diameter of the base: 15 cm
- Height of the mirror (max): 34.5
- Weight: 1.4 kg

- Cosmetic Mirror M213 Macom

Cosmetic mirror M213 Macom
- great product for every woman
- modern design
- super practical product

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