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Always on time - ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). The function indicates on a regular basis how far we are from the set target point (eg work, school, etc.). After calling the ETA timer, select the distance length, travel time or driving time and confirm. The travel time or driving time is calculated from the average speed.
wireless connectivity thanks to NFC technology - after connecting to the SIGMA LINK application it is possible to download results and modify the meter settings. Data can also be sent to the DATA CENTER program using SIGMA CLOUD (data in the cloud) and vice versa. The free SIGMA LINK app is available from the GOOGLE PLAY store.
fuel saving - the function of converting the kilometers traveled to the fuel saved thanks to it
workout statistics - the meter allows you to keep training statistics from the last 12 months
energy saving - after 5 minutes of inactivity, the meter will go into sleep mode. After another 5 minutes in energy saving mode. If the built-in accelerometer detects motion, the counter will automatically restart
temperature measurement - measurement of the ambient temperature thanks to the built-in thermometer
speed comparison - the meter compares current speed with the average speed on the fly. Differences are displayed on the screen in the form of two arrows
predefined wheel sizes - the counter has a programmed wheel size (from 16 to 29 ") - if you have a problem with setting the size, you can use the preset settings. Of course, there is no obstacle to setting the wheel size manually - this is also available.
wheel size detection - a very useful feature for owners of two bikes. It is possible to program two separate settings regarding the size of the wheel. In the wired version, manually specify which bike is currently in use (on display 1 or 2). In the wireless version, the meter itself will detect the bike based on the type of signal available.
integrated memory chip - the meter has a built-in chip, whose task is to store the results and settings in the device's memory. Thanks to this, after replacing the battery, the only thing that will require manual adjustment will be time
low battery warning - the meter communicates the need to replace the battery in the device (in the case of the STS / CAD version also in individual sensors)
animated menus - large font and icons show the appropriate settings of the counter
screen backlight

Wired bicycle counter - Sigma BC 16.16 is a position that will certainly meet the expectations of the most demanding users. In addition to basic functions, it allows you to measure fuel savings of which you may get when you choose ride a bicycle rather than by car, countdown remaining time / distance to the destination, temperature measurement, speed comparison, NFC connectivity, energy saving and much more.

- Current speed
- Daily route: 9999.99 km / miles
- The entire route: 99,999 km / miles
- Driving time: 99:59:59 HH: MM: SS
- Total time: 9999: 59 HHHH: MM
- Average speed: 199.8 km / 124.2 mph
- Top speed: 199.8 km / 124.2 mph
- Time: 12 hours AM / PM or 24 hours
- Temperature: -20 to + 70 ° C or -4 to + 158 ° F
- ETA distance: up to 999.99 km / mi
- ETA time: 99:59:59 HH: MM: SS
- Fuel economy: 999.99 l / gal max. 9999 l / gal

- Sigma bike counter 16.16
- Wired stand
- Magnet
- O-ring (2 pcs)
- CR2032 battery

- NFC connection with smarfon on Android via Sigma Link app
- displaying function names in 7 languages ​
- pre-programmed tire dimensions
- 2 tire sizes can be programmed
- travel time up to 100 hours
- auto start / stop with motion sensor
- Back-up function on a memory chip
- preview of the battery status in the meter and transmitter
- training statistics up to 12 months
- automatic recognition of which bike
- automatic pairing
- backlight of the dial
- assembly without tools
- compatible with UFSB (00167)
- the possibility of setting the service interval by UFSB
- waterproof according to IPX8

- Topline Series 2016
- Fuel economy indicator
- NFC connection with an Android smartphone
- Energy saving function
- Large and convenient display
- Installation without tools
- Wired version
- Predefined wheel sizes
- Record up to 100 hours of travel