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The device enables playback of all audio CDs, finalized CD-Rs with recorded MP3 files and CD-RW rewritable discs. The player has a quick select function when there are more than 10 tracks on the disc. In addition, it is possible to program your own playlist - in the case of a regular disc, we can set the playing order for 20 tracks and up to 99 for MP3 files. There is also the function of repeating a single song, the entire disc, folder and selection of random play. The "Intro" function will allow you to play the first 10 seconds of each track recorded on the disc.
The built-in FM tuner allows you to store up to 40 radio stations in the memory. It is possible to scan radio stations and store them automatically in memory. There is also a manual mode that allows you to store your favorite radio stations under the number you have chosen.
BB16 also has a USB port for connecting any media with saved MP3 files. The player will automatically decode and play the songs stored on the USB memory stick.
This boombox also has the function of playing cassettes and recording to cassettes.
In addition, an AUX socket is available in the back of the housing, thanks to which it is possible to connect any other devices that have an analogue sound output. Just a simple connection and you can enjoy definitely better sound quality.
A headphone jack is available next to the AUX output so that you can connect an optional headset and enjoy discreet listening from each selected sound source.
BB16 has a built-in amplifier with a total output power of 3 Watt RMS and can be powered from both the mains and 6 replaceable batteries. Thanks to this device can be used as a stationary player or as a portable source of entertainment.

- Power Requirement: AC100-240V ~60/ 50Hz or 6 x R20 batteries (not include)
- Operation temperature: +5 °C – +45 °C
- LCD display
- Radio FM Frequency Range: 87.5– 108 MHz
- USB Max supported device up to 32GB
- Optical pickup: 3 – beam laser
- Recording system: 2 tracks 2 Channel (Stereo)
- Bias system: DC Bias
- Power output: 1.5 Watts x 2
- Power consumption: 12 Watts
- Standby power consumption: <0.5
- Weight approx.: 1.46 kg
- Dimensions approx.: 285mm (W) x 213mm (D) x 140mm (H)
- 2 colours: black (BB16BK) or white (BB16WH)

- 2 colours: black (BB16BK) or white (BB16WH)
- Cassette player and recorder
- CD player (CD-Audio, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3-CD)
- Radio, 40 stations memory
- USB port for connecting media with MP3 files
- AUX output
- Headphones output

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