Blaupunkt HBD801BK The Powerful, Quiet Blender

Blaupunkt HBD801BK The Powerful, Quiet Blender


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The powerful, quiet DC motor that the Blaupunkt HBD801BK blender has been equipped with the power of 1000W, which is a rare feature among commercially available devices of this type. Thanks to that, with HBD801BK we will prepare not only baby and baby soups, but also shredded almonds or chopped hard vegetables. It is invaluable for these operations to have a smooth speed control mechanism operated by one hand wheel located on the handle of the device.

Powerful silent DC motor, 1000W
Smooth speed control
Removable steel grinding cap
Profiling the grinding cap and blades allows for an efficient flow of crumbled food
Quartz blade covered with titanium
Accessories: measuring cup, shredder, whisk, malakser, mash
High quality bisphenol-A (BPA-free)
Power supply 220-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz, power 1000W

Powerful and quiet silent motor
Smooth speed regulation
Quad-coated titanium-coated blades
Made of high quality materials without bisphenol-A