Antenna Blow 740W Frequency Range 26,8-27,6 MHz

Antenna Blow 740W Frequency Range 26,8-27,6 MHz


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The antenna is one of the key elements of CB radios,
so it's important to choose the right model that will provide a stable communication without interference.
The antenna also has a angle adjustment.

Frequency Range:  26,8-27,6 MHz
Standing wave ratio (SWR -> pol. WFS): <1.2: 1
Gain:> 5 dBi
Maximum power: 30 continuous, instantaneous 150W 
Impedance: 50 Ohm
The height with the magnet: 66cm
Connector: plug UHF (PL-259)
Tilt: 90 degrees
Cable length: 3,9m
Polarization: Vertical
Material: Copper, stainless steel

Magnetic car antenna high-performance, BLOW 740M, which is a popular choice for drivers. 
Compact shape, interesting design, outstanding performance are the advantages of this product.
Strong magnet in the base ensures stability and safety while driving