PR-500 Promedix Intelligent sports wristband smartwatch heart rate monitor

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Promedix PR-500 is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle and is the ideal solution for active people who cannot imagine life without sport. It is compatible with smartphones on Android and iOS devices.
With the Promedix PR-500 you can record all your activities and analyze your own performance. The clear and transparent menu makes it easy to control the weight, size and design to make the perfect fit on your hand.
After pairing with your mobile with a special application, the device collects data from physical activities, analyzes the achieved results and sets new targets.
The Promedix PR-500 communicates with the Bluetooth device with the DroiHealth mobile app, which you can download from Google Play or the App Store.
The new version of Promedix offers even more possibilities. Press one finger to learn information such as: distance covered, number of steps, heart rate and much more. Intelligent technology responds to movements.
The application with its appearance and the manual says the applications known and appreciated on the market - Xiaomi, which supports other products such as Xiaomi Mi Band, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Xiaomi Mi Band 3. The application is very intuitive at work.
The application is very intuitive to use.
Job description:
1. Heart rate monitor: Switch to "Heart rate monitoring" to start heart rate measurement. The measurement is displayed after 20 seconds.
2. Distance: to view the current distance, switch the menu to "Distance" and the device switches to standby mode after 5 seconds.
3. Pedometer: Switch the menu to "Distance" to display the current distance, the device switches to standby after 5 seconds.
4. Monitor the parameters during sleep: to display the number of hours of sleep from the previous day, go to the "Sleep monitoring" menu, the device switches to standby after 5 seconds.
5. Calories counter: to display the calories burned, switch the menu to "Calorie". After 5 seconds, the calorie counter is set to standby.
6. Turn on the screen by moving the wrist: the screen is taken out of standby mode when you rotate the wrist, the date and time are displayed.
7. Bluetooth: Bluetooth is opened by default, the device and the smartphone must be at a suitable distance (no barriers under 10 m).
8. Reminder for sitting mode: the "Sedentary reminder" menu appears on the screen and the device vibrates after the set reminder time has elapsed. The device automatically switches to standby mode after vibration.
9. Alarm: after setting the time, the "Alarm" menu appears and the device vibrates. When the vibration is complete, the screen automatically switches to standby mode.
10. Time and date display: Time is shown in the main menu, the device automatically synchronizes with the phone after a Bluetooth connection.
11. Message signal: when the message arrives, the device shows the sender and the message is displayed for 5 seconds, then vibrates for 2 seconds and automatically goes into standby mode.
12. Calls: When the caller is in your contacts, his name will be displayed, if the caller is not in the contact list then the phone number will be displayed.
1. Display
2. Touch screen
3. USB port after removing the belt
4. Heart rate measurement area
5. Belt
Applications DroiHealth:
- Android:
- iOS:
The right way to wear:
Wear the tracked on your hand and adjust with a belt. Sensors must be placed close to the skin without the possibility of movement.

- Water resistance: IP67
- Battery capacity: 70mAh
- Display: 0.71 "/ OLED
- Charging: USB port
- Heart rate: high sensitivity sensor
- Stand-by mode: about 7 days,
- Touch screen: YES
- Compatible systems: Android / iOS
- Vibration: silent / vibration
- Bluetooth: 4.0
- Product dimensions: 50x20x12mm
- Weight: 20.35 g
- 24 months warranty

- Fitness Smartband Bluetooth Pulse Promedix PR-500
- Original packaging
- Manual PL / EN / DE / FR / ES / IT
- Proof of purchase

- Stopwatch
- Distance mode
- Message notifications and telephone connections
- Burning calories
- Heart rate measurement
- Monitor parameters during sleep
- Measurement of sports activities
- Show time and date
- System requirements: Android 5.0 or higher, iOS 8 or higher
- Bluetooth 4.0
- Degree of protection: IP67