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CA9000 Professional electrochemical breathalyzer by Aisko

The CA9000® Professional breathalyzer is a combination of elegant design and modern measurement technology based on an electrochemical cell. It is a leader in the class of electrochemical breathalyzers, not only because of the extraordinary attention to detail, the quality of workmanship, but above all the high accuracy and repeatability of measurements. Measurement results are displayed in digital form in the range from 0.00 ‰ to 4.00 ‰, with a resolution of up to two decimal places. The CA 9000® Professional breathalyzer has a built-in air flow sensor, a system that protects the measuring cell from damage as a result of an improperly carried out test, a meter for the number of measurements taken and a function to remind you to perform the calibration. Additionally, the device has been equipped with a modern control system for proper analyzer operation before and after each measurement. To minimize the measurement error and maximize the life of the sensor, the tester has been equipped with a temperature control module. It prevents measurement if the temperature range of the tester is exceeded, which could result in damage to the components. An undoubted advantage of the breathalyzer is the ability to define the measuring units by the user.
The CA9000® PROFESSIONAL breathalyzer is especially recommended for individual users.

Technical data:
- Sensor: Platinum electrochemical measuring cell
- Measurement range: 0.00 ‰ - 4.00 ‰
- Display resolution: 0.01
- Measuring units: * ‰ (promile), mg / L,% BAC, μg / L
- Preparation time: Approx. 20 sec
- Time between measurements: Approx. 0 sec for a sample containing no alcohol
- Exhalation time: Approx. 4 sec.
- Measurement mode / sampling: Automatic
- Working temperature range: 0 ° C ... + 40 ° C
- Ready for measurement
- The correct course of the measurement
- Bad attempt
- Low battery power / discharge
- Recommended calibration
Technical data:
- Display: 3 digit LCD, backlit
- Housing: ABS resistant to impact
- Weight: 85 g (with batteries)
- Dimensions: 114 x 47 x 24 mm
- Power: 2 x 1.5V alkaline batteries

- Platinum electrochemical sensor
- Backlit, two-color LCD display
- Resolution of indications to two decimal places
- Short preparation time
- Signaling of a wrong test
- Built-in air flow sensor
- Automatic power cut function
- Pneumatic feeding system for a precisely defined air sample per sensor
- A function reminding you to perform the calibration
- Accuracy and repeatability of measurements
- Long-term stability of measurement over time
- Modern design and small measurements
- Counter of the total number of measurements taken
- High measuring range
- Built-in temperature control module of the device before making the measurement
- Energy saving: Automatic power cut after approx. 20 sec
- Counter: Total number of measurements taken
Kit contents:
- CA9000® Professional electrochemical breathalyzer
- A set of reusable mouthpieces
- A set of alkaline batteries
- Case
- User manual in Polish
- Warranty

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