Concept VP4310
Concept VP4310

Concept VP4310


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Concept Hand Vacuum Cleaner Perfect Clean is essential product in every household. With this hand-held vacuum cleaner you can quickly and comfortably arrange on the kitchen counter, furniture or couch.
You no longer need to use a large vacuum cleaner to clean something. Breadcrumbs, poppy, dust ... everything you can clean with the hany cleaner without problems.
The charging set can be mounted on the wall so that the vacuum cleaner will always be ready for use.
Dust container with a capacity of 650 ml will provide a lot of space for dust.

Voltage: 4.8 V DC
Dust container capacity:  650 ml
Easy operation with one hand without charging cable
Control light
Noise level:  <80 dB (A)
Charging time: approx. 6.5 h
Battery: NiMH
Battery capacity:  1200 mAh
Weight: 0.5 kg
Power: 30 W
Color: Black
Power supply included

Concept Hand Vacuum Cleaner 
Essential product in every household
Portable household appliance
Dust container with a capacity of 650 ml