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MULTIMEDIA STATION LTC AVX5000GPS 2DIN, 7 ", (Mirror link), GPS / USB / SD / MP3 / BT / MIC / CAM.
An excellent multimedia station with a touch-sensitive, 7-inch display, characterized by high sensitivity and perfect color reflection. This model plays music, movies, photos from memory cards or pendrives.
LXAVX5000GPS has been equipped with a very sensitive GPS receiver, and in combination with the antenna included in the set, guarantees the accuracy of navigation and the certainty that it will not lose the signal even in very heavy terrain.

The built-in Bluetooth module enables wireless connection to a mobile phone. This station becomes an excellent handsfree in a moment, which significantly improves safety while driving. To improve the quality of calls, an external microphone is included in the set. Full phone support via the central unit, in addition, gives you the opportunity to listen to your favorite songs in the memory of our smartphone.

- AM frequency range: 522 kHz - 1620 kHz
- Intermediate frequency: 450 kHz
- FM frequency range: 87.5 MHz - 108 MHz
- Indirect frequency: 10.7 Mhz
- Signal / noise ratio:> 50 dB
- Channel separation:> 50 dB
- Harmonic distortion: <5%
- Frequency response: 100 Hz - 10 kHz (+ 6dB)
- Output power: 4 x 55 W
- Amplifier technology: MOSFET
- Speaker impedance: 4 - 8 Ohms
- Bluetooth module: YES
- Bluetooth version: 4.0
- Microphone: External
- Rear view camera: Included
- Touchscreen
- SD card reader: YES
- Equalizer: YES
- Equalizer Presets: POP / Jazz / Rock / Classic
- Possibility to connect the interface to steering control: YES
- Screen size: 7 inches
- Size: 2 DIN
- Remote control: Included
- Power supply: 12 V DC
- Adjusting the brightness of the display: YES

- 2DIN LTC AVX5000GPS multimedia station
- Camera
- GPS antenna
- Microphone
- ISO block
- Remote
- Cord
- Original packaging
- A proof of purchase

This unit can be connected to the CAN in the car, which allows you to program the multifunction steering wheel. In this way you can control various functions without taking your hands off the steering wheel.
The possibility of connecting the rearview camera, which is included in the set, guarantees safe reversing even in the heaviest parking lots. It is a solution that makes life easier for even the best drivers.
Durable housing, high-quality screen, modern and elegant design, the highest quality materials, ease of use, the ability to upload any navigation are just some of the advantages of the LXAVX5000GPS station.

- Car multimedia system, size 2 DIN 7 '
- Mirrorlink function
- Built-in GPS receivers (additional antenna)
- Ability to upload SD maps
- Bluetooth function (hands-free)
- Color touch display
- illuminated keys (multicolor)
- RGB image, intelligent video audio control
- Built-in FM / AM radio
- SD and USB RCA JACK inputs
- Output power: 55 W x 4
- Built-in input of the additional device
- (AUX in, rearview camera, microphone) included
- A fully functional remote control
- Slim design
- Colorful, modern interface
- Convex and concave buttons
- Built-in USB socket for charging devices