Carbon Monoxide and smoke detector (2 in 1) 2xR6 (3V) Cabletech

Carbon Monoxide and smoke detector (2 in 1) 2xR6 (3V) Cabletech


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Detector - smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detector is used to detect smoke and carbon monoxide. The sensor works with the use of infrared, so it is able to detect small amounts of smoke. By means of an electrochemical sensor, the device also detects carbon monoxide. When the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air or the smoke density exceeds the allowable value, the alarm indicator will turn red and the device will emit a beep.
Due to the fact that carbon monoxide is lighter than air, and the smoke resulting from a fire rises upwards, the detector should be installed in a relatively high position - the details of the installation in the instructions enclosed with the sensor.

- Dimensions: 110mm x 45mm
- Colour: white
- Operating temperature: -10'C ~ 50'C
- Humidity: <95%
- Power supply: 2x 1.5 V LR6 AA battery (included)
- Power consumption in operating mode: less than 10 uA
- Current consumption in alarm mode: less than 25 mA
- Sensitivity: 150 PPM +/- 50 PPM
- Carbon monoxide alarm level: 40 ppm - 75 ppm (alarm after 75 minutes), 75 ppm - 200 ppm (alarm after 25 minutes),> 200 ppm (alarm after 30-50 seconds); <40 ppm, alarm off
- Alarm: red LED, audible alarm
- Audible alarm: 85dB
- Sensor warm up: 3 min
- Function: TEST,
- Malfunction indicator: yellow LED
- Low power indicator: the yellow LED is blinking
- Installation: on the wall, ceiling
- Compliant with the standard: EN50291, UL217, GB15322.5-233
- Accessories: mounting bracket, dowels, screws for assembly

- sensor calibration: approx. 3 minutes
- mute time: 10 minutes
- alarm level CO (x):
- alarm: red LED
- malfunction indicator: yellow LED
- sound level: 85 dB
- working temperature: -10oC ~ 50oC, humidity:? 95 RH