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Does your pet feel safer when it can hide? Would you like to ensure that your kitten or your little dog has comfortable conditions to rest and sleeping? And at the same time you care about the neat look of animal accessories? Then consider to purchase this pet bed. Its size is suitable both for cats and for small dogs. It is made of high quality plastic, resistant to scratches and easy to keep it clean. For your pet’s comfort this bed comes with 2 washable plush cushions and can be used with or without the top cushion.

- Knit-inspired 3-D texture
- Dimensions: 22.7 x 22.3 x 13 inches
- Color: Misty blue
- Weight: 8 pounds
- Number of cushions: 2

- Comfortable bad both for cats and small dogs
- High quality materials: easy to keep clean, 2 washable cushons
- Diameter: approx. 56 cm, high: approx. 35 cm
- Stylish knit-inspired 3D texture