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The system was specially designed to respond to a single clapping in the hands. But the best in this all is that it has a low sensitivity for sounds typical for our daily surrounding (but it may react if a dog start to bark). If you would like to amuse your friends or make a nice surprise and a lot of fun for your kids, it may be the best way to do it. This set prepared by specialists has been equipped with a relay with a contact capacity of 8A / 250V, thanks to which it is perfect for remote control of lighting, blinds, audio equipment and any other electric device. It consumes very little of energy and needs a little of space. You can of course try to use it to improve whatever you want, use your imagination and your skills!

- range: about 5m
- triggering with a clap (it can react to other accidental sounds)
- two-color status indication via LED
- 230VAC power supply
- output circuit: 8A / 230VAC relay
- PCB dimensions: diameter 54mm, height 25mm (including mounted elements)

- first step to have your dreamed intelligent house
- optimization of effort
- a lot of fun
- remote control of lighting, blinds etc

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