Metal electric slicer Concept KP3531 130W

Metal electric slicer Concept KP3531 130W


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The KP3531 Concept Electric Scraper is equipped with a 17-centimeter Solingen stainless steel knife and a powerful 130-watt motor that perfectly cuts the slices at unbelievable speed. Slicing is convenient thanks to the contoured hinged plate and metal elements for stability. The spreading of the sliding plate makes it easier to cut food with larger dimensions.

With the controller you can set the cutting thickness from 0 to 23 mm. For ham and cheese, the ideal width is 0.3 mm, a maximum thickness of 23 mm can be used for cutting bread, and for vegetables, the width can be adjusted if necessary. After cutting, set the cutter's power control to 0 to protect the edge of the blade.

- Solingen stainless steel knife (diameter 17 cm)
- Cutting adjustment: 0-23 mm
- Metal surface of the plate and the part supporting the slicer
- Easy removable accessories (including knives)
- Safety switch
- Inclined plate
- Stainless steel cutlery tray: 215 - 195 mm
- A / C engine
- Silver color
- Power: 130 W
- Voltage: 230 V

- Metal electric slicer Concept KP3531
- Manufacturer's packaging
- The proof of purchase

The double safety switch is designed to provide maximum safety and prevent accidents, especially involving children.

- Stainless steel Solingen
- Powerful A / C engine
- High quality
- Double protection