Corner Team Boston 54L Cappucino

Corner Team Boston 54L Cappucino

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Laundry basket with modern designed openings for better ventilation. The attached cover has a hole in the middle to make it easy to remove and apply. With the cover mounted, the baskets can be stacked one on top of the other, which optimizes the storage space. Basket made of high quality plastic.

- Capacity: 54L
- Surface: matte
- Shape: corner
- Cover
- Color: Cappucino
- Dimensions: D: 426 x S: 426 x W: 630 mm
- Material: PP Polypropylene

- Plast Team Boston 54L
- Basket cover
- The proof of purchase

- Large capacity
- Modern design
- High durability of the material
- Possibility to set one on the other