Curver Infinity

Curver Infinity


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Laundry basket brand CurVer the INFINITY collection with a capacity of 39 L is made of high quality plastic with stylish holes. Presented basket will be perfect for your bathroom. Thanks to modern design sensational match the fashionable interior of your home. In addition, you can also use the basket as the container for toys your child and to store, for example. Towels in the bathroom and similar objects. The use of the container depends on you - there are no limits. Baskets to hold the line INFINITY brand CurVer beyond its functionality are also found in many exciting colors which can match with any interior.

Capacity: 39l
Dimensions: 59x39x27cm
Universal application
Neutral colors
High-quality plastic
Comfortable handles - not protruding
The modern structure

INFINITY Basket line of simple shapes inspired by the Scandinavian style. It combines practical solutions with a unique design. Ergonomic handles for easy carrying.

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