DIAGO-MAN Test to check sperm concentration


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DIAGO-MAN is a test that you can make discreetly at home and it takes only 5 minutes to get results. It’s based on the information of concentration of S10, a protein found in the males testes. It is used as an aid in the diagnosis and observation of infertility treatment. It is really easy to make and to read the results – you get positive or negative result. It is almost as accurate as a Lab Test. Comparison between the Diago-Man sperm test and the microscope test for 204 clinical samples: the positive compliance rate is 97.95%, the negative compliance rate is 91.38%.
After making the test, do not take any medical action without consulting your doctor first!

Accuracy: 97,5%
Time: 5 minutes

1 test plate
1 syringe for transferring semen
1 container for semen collection
1 container with buffer solution

-quick: you will get test results in 5 minutes
- very discreet and comfortable
- Accuracy: 97,5%