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DIGITAL 12V 24V rectifier CBC-10 everActive 2-10A

EverActive CBC10 is a universal charger / so-called "intelligent rectifier" for all types of acidic batteries (automotive, etc.) 12V and 24V, gel / AGM.
The charger is intelligent, controlled by a microprocessor - when fully charged it automatically switches off, going into voltage monitoring mode - 100% safe for each battery.The charger is dedicated not only to high-capacity car batteries - thanks to adjusting the charging current, it is also suitable for gel batteries , motorcycles, used on yachts or batteries for scooters with smaller capacity.

- Input voltage: 220-240V AC 50Hz / 60Hz
- Supported batteries 12V / 24V DC automatic detection gel, lead-acid, AGM, VRLA, VLA, SLA, WET, GEL, Lead-Acid
- Supported battery capacities: 10-300Ah for 12V, 10-150Ah for 24V
- Efficiency> 75-80%
- Charge voltage14.4V / 14.7V for 12V batteries, 28.8V / 29.4V for 24V batteries
- Adjustable charging current 10/5/2 [A] for 12V and 5/2 [A] for 24V
- Working temperature-10..40st. C (power limitation at higher temperatures)
- Dimensions: 22 x 8.2 x 5.6 [cm]

The rectifier uses pioneering solutions:
- automatic and reliable battery charge control - after reaching a certain voltage, or an automatic drop in the charging current,
- voltage monitoring after charging - automatic resumption of charging in the event of a voltage drop on the battery, also after a power outage from the AC network,
- the charger eliminates the battery sulphation phenomenon, which may be generated during charging,
- maintenance mode for 12V / SLA batteries with a capacity of 14-230Ah - the charger gives a constant voltage of 13.6V with a current of up to 5A - keeps the battery in full operation - ideal for electric vehicles, forklifts, etc.
- 13.6V / 5A power supply mode - the ability to supply devices powered from 12V.
- "winter" mode - guarantees full and effective charging of the battery, even at low ambient temperatures
- "reactivation / resuscitation" mode - special charging mode - in the case of extremely discharged batteries, the charger uses a reduced charging current of 1.5A, until reaching a safe voltage allowing faster charging - the charger decides by itself to use this mode,
- charger equipped with a set of protection against short circuits, against incorrect polarity connection, against overheating, overloading, overloading, etc.

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