Prodig-tech GL-PRO-6

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Are you going to buy a used car soon? This device is going to measure the thickness of non-metal coatings on metal surface and help you to evaluate the condition of the car. When the thickness of the lacquer will be bigger than usual in originals components, then the LED is going to light up and let you know about it. The innovative construction of the measuring probe allows point measurement on ferromagnetic and non-magnetic materials, automatically recognizing the material that is being examined and informing on the display about the type of material. The probe is placed on the wire and ends with a springy ball. This is great solution, because it makes it possible to measure on curves and hard to reach places. You can also quickly calibrate it to make sure that your measurements are right. Moreover, you can save up to 960 records! Thanks to the Hold function the device can work in 3 modes:
HOLD 1 mode - the result is on the screen and displayed until the meter is applied to the tested surface
HOLD 2 mode - the result is displayed on the screen until the next measurement is made.
Continuous mode - the measurement is performed on a regular basis several times in a second. The measurement made with this mode is not remembered.

Sheet metal type: steel, galvanized steel, aluminum
Measuring range: 0-2000um
Measurement resolution: 1μm Fe, 5μm Al
Automatic recognition of the tested substrate
Displaying the substrate type
Memory: 960 measurements
Probe on the cable
Spring probe

- GL-PRO-6-FAZ meter;
- a set of two AAA alkaline batteries;
- case;
- 120μm thickness pattern +/- 5%;
- steel calibration plate;
- aluminum calibration plate;
- manual

- HOLD and assistant function
- Sound signaling
- Possible calibration
- help you to choose perfect car