Timer switch - digital timer GreenBlue GB105G German plug

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Timer Programmer Switch 3600 Watt with countdown down (CD).
The timer has a European type socket and plug! Without "pin" and hole for "pin"!
Large, readable LCD display and large buttons.

LCD display
The products we offer, as the only ones available on the market, have such a large display, providing easy operation and a clear and clear view of the parameters.
The dimensions of the display are up to 50x55mm.
Compare with competitors' products with twice the size of the display. Where the reading of parameters is often impossible when the device is connected in a hard-to-reach place and the setting of parameters becomes very troublesome.

- 230VAC 50Hz power supply
- Memory backup: built-in battery
- Maximum load 3600W, 16A
- Minimum time between start / stop: 1 minute
- Working temperature -10 ° C to + 40 ° C
- Accuracy ± 1 minute per month
- F-type power socket (so-called German or schuko), used, among others, in Germany

- GreenBlue GB105G digital timer
- Manufacturer's packaging
- User manual
- The proof of purchase
- Warranty: 2 years

4 large buttons
Another feature that distinguishes our product from among the devices on the market with a similar application.
Only 4, large and convenient to use buttons, providing much easier operation than other devices, usually with 8 much smaller buttons.
Thanks to programming the programmer, the operation is more convenient and faster.

- Interesting appearance, huge, legible display
- Resistant to low and high temperatures
- BUILT-in battery for maintaining memory
- Shows the current TIME
- Gets only 0.9 W!
- F-type power socket (so-called German or schuko), used, among others, in Germany
- Before the first use, the device must be reset using the RESET button after connecting it to the mains socket.