Rossmax CF701K
Rossmax CF701K

Rossmax CF701K


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Digital Korotkoff Technology
With a proprietary microphone built into the arm cuff, the innovative DK Technology actually listens like your doctor when taking a reading. The Exclusive DK Technology delivers ABSOLUTE Accuracy by using the advanced dual sensor cuff system that senses both pressure and sound.
Clinically Accurate
This blood pressure monitor uses advanced technology that has been given the highest rating available by the prestigious Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation.

Digital Korotkoff Technology
Hypertension Risk Indicator
Irregular Heartbeat Detector (IHB)
120 memories for 2-users with date and time indication
Average of last 3 readings
One-touch automatic operation
Patented Digital Korotkoff cone cuff
Adaptor socket
Lifetime Calibration

Rossmax CF701 k pressure gauge is a fully automatic Swiss blood pressure gauge. An innovative combination of two blood pressure and pulse (Oscillometric and Korotkoff) blood pressure measurement methods has been used to measure the pressure. The cuff of the camera is equipped with a technologically advanced dual sensor system (pressure and sound), so this device is a combination of classic manual pressure gauge and modern automatic blood pressure meter.

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