DUO Elixir for Orchids 35ml BIOPON Two-Ingredient Conditioner Innovative Formula Grow Strong

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An innovative two-component formula designed to rapidly nourish and regenerate all orchid species. Particularly suitable for problem flowers (slow growth, poor flowering, withered roots), but can also be used prophylactically on plants in good condition.
The pink conditioner provides the orchid with the basic nourishment it needs for proper growth and flowering, while the brown regenerator strengthens it, reduces stress caused by repotting or improper care, and restores its overall balance. The combined action of the nutrient and regenerator restores the orchid's vitality, healthy appearance and beautiful coloration of flowers and leaves.
The use of a two-part applicator that simultaneously doses the right amount of nutrient and regenerator makes application of the two preparations extremely easy and convenient. By placing the two liquids in separate chambers, they retain their valuable properties longer. The two liquids do not mix down to the substrate, which makes it easier for the orchids to absorb the nutrients and regenerators.

Packaging: 35ml
Form: liquid
Use: orchids
Manufacturer: BROS

1x35 ml Elixier DUO

- Innovative two-component conditioner for Orchids
- Ensures healthy, fast growth
- Provides basic nourishment for healty growth and blooming
- Strengthens the plant and its roots
- Ready for application - in a practical two-chamber applicator

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