MAclean MCTV-915LTE

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Maclean MCTV-915LTE is a classic directional outdoor antenna with a built-in LTE filter - excellent for distortion free signal reception.
MCTV-915LTE is an active device meaning a built-in signal amplifier enhances its work - no need to use external amps !
Shipped in a compact box, space saving box, the aerial can be assembled in seconds, while the sturdy and solid design assures that the antenna will serve you for years to come.
Fully universal with option to mount in both vertical and horizontal position - this aerial is suitable for all UK regions with different polarizations.
With back reflector grids attached to the aerial the MCTV-15LTE achieves up to 23dB signal gain, which is much more than your regular directional antenna.

-Frequency Range: 470 - 790 mHz
-Channels: 21 - 60
-Impedance: 75 Ohm
-No. of elements: 29
-Beam width: H32° / V35°
-Antenna Length: 780mm
-Max. output level: 100dbuV
-Gain: 20 - 23 dB
-Front-back ratio: 43 dB (amp off: 25 dB)
-Warranty: 24 months

-Easy and tool-free installation
-Built-in LTE filter
-Built-in signal amplifier
-Ideal choice for HDTV and DVB-T signal reception
-FullHD standard compatibility

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