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Eco and Home

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Eco pillow with the husk of buckwheat hypoallergenic and healing properties. Reduces muscle tension, massage, removes fatigue and signs of stress. It prevents headaches, neck and neck, promotes good dream.  100% natural and very nice smells. Buckwheat hulls ensure good ventilation, thus preventing sweating of the head and neck. It heats in winter, cool in the summer. Especially recommended for people with allergies, sleep disorders, and cardiovascular and headaches and spine.

Dimensions 40x40cm
WeightŁ 1.4kg
Anti-allergic buckwheat corn properties and healing
Natural (without synthetic additives)
100% cotton pillowcase
Filling 100% buckwheat 

Hypoallergenic and healing properties
Reduces muscle tension, massage
Removes fatigue and signs of stress
100% natural pillow has a very nice smells
Buckwheat hulls ensure good ventilation

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