Coffee maker 15bar 850W CMP401 Blaupunkt black

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CMP401 is an elegant, high-quality and easy-to-use device whose functionality will meet the expectations of the most demanding users and coffee gourmets. Compact dimensions and subdued colors will make the ekepres fit into any modern kitchen space.
Preparation of fresh coffee is carried out using four buttons. Brewing starts by turning on the machine and pouring ground coffee into the flask or inserting the coffee bag. Depending on whether you prepare the coffee only for yourself or also for your guest, you can choose between the buttons "Preparing one coffee" or "Preparing two coffees". After pressing the button, the machine will serve us a perfect, aromatic brew in the amount of one (30ml) or two (60ml) cups and automatically finish the brewing process. However, if we think that the cup is already the right amount of small black, you can stop the process by pressing the button again.
Thanks to the milk foaming function, in a simple way we can create the perfect, perfectly prepared, heated milky coffee foam - just press the button, wait a moment and enjoy the silky foam.

CMP401 has been equipped with three filters, all so that the user can prepare one or two espressos, which will be perfect and consistent with the theory of world recognized baristas, according to which this small cup of black coffee should be prepared with 7g of ground coffee (included in the set two filters one with a capacity of 7g, the other 14g of coffee).
The device also has an additional filter for the sachets. The advantage of the coffee brewed in this way is that thanks to the perfectly measured amount of ground coffee, the daily espresso tastes the same, and its taste, power and aroma is perfect every day. Coffee in sachets also makes it easier to keep the coffee machine clean, just throw away the used sachet and rinse the sieve. The 1.2L water tank will make you less likely to remember to top up the water.
Thanks to the durable Italian pump, which generates pressure up to 15 bar, our coffee will not be different from the one served in good cafes.

- 15 bar high pressure pump
- An effective heating system ensures the best performance
- Ideal temperature for making coffee and frothing milk thanks to the system of two thermostats
- It can prepare 1 or 2 cups of espresso
- The water flow stop function allows you to get the expected coffee size
- Removable transparent water tank 1.2 l
- Double steel filter to extract even more flavor from the coffee and give it the right flavor
- Easy to use panel with 4 backlit buttons to conveniently prepare coffee or froth milk
- Equipped with mechanisms protecting against overheating and excessive pressure increase
- Removable foaming nozzle and removable trays for comfortable cleaning
- Steel tray for heating cups
- Automatic shutdown
- 220-240V ~ 50Hz power supply, power: 850W
- Dimensions: 29 x 19 x 32 cm
- Weight: 3 kg
- EAN code: 5901750500701

- Blaupunkt CMP401BK pressure press
- User manual
- Original box
- A proof of purchase

A built-in boiler for heating water, as well as a temperature control system, ensure the perfect coffee brewing temperature (95 ° C) and an effective steam jet for frothing milk (130 ° C) each time.
The next, very important features that the coffee machine has been equipped with is a detachable grille and foaming nozzle and a removable drip container. As a result, regular cleaning of the device is extremely simple.
Thanks to the solutions used, you do not have to worry about electricity bills. The high-performance water heating system significantly reduces the demand for electricity. The 850W power is sufficient to ensure perfect working parameters. In addition, if you forget to turn off the coffee machine, after 15 minutes of inactivity, the device will turn off by itself. Blaupunkt engineers designed the CMP401 coffee maker to take care of all coffee lovers.

- 15 bar high pressure pump
- Simple operation
- Perfect espresso
- Perfect brewing temperature
- Easy maintenance
- It can prepare 1 or 2 cups of espresso
- The water flow stop function allows you to get the expected coffee size