Hasbro B2919

Hasbro B2919


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Every Padawan needs his or hers lightsaber! You need to espouse now, which side of the Force do you pick. Start your adventure by choosing Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker's lightsaber! What is more, the set includes a special adapter to make a personalized weapon and connect other swords from the Bladebuilders collection. When the time comes, it would only take one movement of your wrist to be ready for a battle! Thanks to the sound and light effects that this sword uses you just need to use your imagination to be in the world of Star Wars.
May the Force be with you!

The toy requires a battery: 3 x AAA
Dimensions: 8.8 x 52.4 x 6.6 cm

- Experience the adventure of the Star Wars universe world, play scenes and create new ones!
- Personalize your weapon using other BladeBuilders sets (sold separately)
- Hear the sounds and light effects you’ve seen on the screen
- Made of good quality materials
- Solid made