Kemot T4 22W


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Kemot T4 22W professional magnifying lamp made by strong plastic with a metal frame and support arm.  The highest designed and manufactured standards. Perfect for professionals and home use. Stylish, elegant and practical.It fits into any home or salon decor
Mainly deasigned for the  hobbyists, jewelers, opticians, beauticians, model makers and many more. 

lens dimensions: 5 inches  
Magnification: 5 diopters  
Voltage: AC220-240V 50Hz 
Light source: T4 22W
Terms of use: -
For indoor use only 
Temperature: -20 - 40 
humidity: = or less than 95% -
The lamp can only be mounted on a horizontal, leveled tabletop 1.25 - 6.25 cm (0.5 "- 2.5") 
Assembly: to the table - White color

Lamp with magnifying glass 5 diopter T4 22W
Beauty Salons: Veterinary clinics, Dentists, Electronics workshops, Stamp collectors

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