Energizer Maxi + 4x R6 / AA 2300mAh

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The upgraded Energizer Maxi charger features an easily recognizable, variable light color that clearly shows what stage of charge is the battery. The Energizer Maxi is an efficient charger, with the help of which you can quickly and easily charge rechargeable batteries in everyday gadgets.
Available with four R6 / AA rechargeable batteries, it is powered from an AC outlet and allows you to charge two or four R6 / AA or R03 / AAA rechargeable batteries. The charger uses two dual charging channels. Equipped with an automatic time switch to protect against overload and a mechanism to prevent polarity
. It's safe - it recognizes fully charged rechargeable batteries with the minus delta V (-dV) technology, has a built-in overload protection system, a polarization, and inserts regular batteries.

Supported battery sizes: AA, AAA
Number of battery seats: 4
Power Supply: Network (230V)
Protection against polarity change
Normal Charging Mode: Yes
Warranty: 24 months
World voltage range - 100 - 240V
Charging times: 
R6 / AA 2000 - 5 hours 
R6 / AA 2300 - 7 hours 
R03 / AAA 800 - 6 hours

Specification: Charges 2 or 4 rechargeable NiMH batteries in R6 / AA and / or R03 / AAA size. The LED indicates the charge status of the rechargeable batteries Powered by a mains socket - plugged directly into contact Automatic switch protects against overcharging. Protection against polarity, detecting normal batteries or worn out batteries.