GL-6+ Car Paint Meter

GL-6+ Car Paint Meter

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LED assist feature as pictured below, makes evaulation of paint layers used on cars body even easier: 
When LED assist is on the device will signal us in following ways: 
• LED off - original paint 
• LED flashes - 2nd layer of paint used 
• LED on - 3 or more layers of paint 
Please be aware that LED assist feature is used only to help evaluate the cars body condition. It is not an ultimate proof that a car underwent serious body repairs. It is a built-in feature to help users that are unsure what specific results mean 
Reference point feature allows you to store a result from one point on cars body and use this result as a reference for next measurements. Thus if the reference point measurement result is 150 um, other results will be displayed with 150um treated as "0"; so a 160um result in default mode would then be displayed as +10um in reference point mode, and a 140um result would be displayed as -10um. 

Steel, galvanized steel and aluminum car body paint measurement
Resolution: 1um or 10um, Measurement range: 0um do 2100um
LED assist function, May be calibrated for more metal types
CE certified, Designed and manufactured in Poland
No English menu (can be easily operated with the provided English operation manual)