Maclean MCE38 set of bicycle lights - front (5 white LEDs) and rear (9 red LEDs)

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Thanks to this lighting, the bike is visible even from 1000m and draws the attention of the driver. If you are a driver, you probably know how important it is for a cyclist or pedestrian to be visible from afar. Then there is more time to react, therefore the risk of hitting someone drops! The set is equipped with a total of 14 LED diodes (5 LEDs - front, 9 LED - rear) with a lifespan of 100,000 hours of light!
The front lamp is equipped with LUX-LED diodes, characterised by very strong light. This is extremely important when driving at night as well as during dusk. Our lamp has a white light that is visible from a very long distance, while an unlit cyclist appears a few meters in front of the car hood. It has 3 lighting modes. The rear lamp is equipped with 9 LED diodes and a transparent-red light splitter cover. It is powered by two AAA R03 batteries. It has up to 7 modes of lighting with a bright warning light, which gives the driver a distant attention!
Strong headlight and visibility from several hundred meters will make you visible at any time of the day or night.

- Front lighting - 5 white LEDs
- Rear light - 9 red LEDs
- Waterproof IP44 design
- Batteries: 4xAAA front, 2xAAA back (not included)
- Weight: 175 g
- CE and ROHS certificates

- High quality
- Easy assembly
- Front lighting
- Rear light
- Waterproof design IP44
- Batteries: 4xAAA front, 2xAAA back (not included)
- CE and ROHS